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You could give it away, resell it, bundle it, create new information packages or include them in your own membership sites such as this one. And...You can pass on the resell rights to others. So when you sell that product to someone, they can turn around and sell it to someone else. Be sure to abide be the license rights included with each individiual product.

Real World Traffic Strategies
Learn this simple step by step system that shows you exactly how to easily generate hoards of targeted traffic to your website in only 1 hour per day. Its an age old issue that sites face, no matter where they are placed - from Internet Marketing to extreme niches, and of course, its hard to work out how to produce strong traffic that isn't simply sent there to fulfill quotas.

Profitable Products
WeeklyLearn the secret mechanics of lightning fast product creation and innovation that will allow you to create your own info product empire...

Product Flipping For Cash
You're definitely witnessing the soaring popularity of both Resell Rights and Private Label products in the online marketing scene today. All in all, the idea behind providing Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to Info Products is so that the reseller (that's you) can conveniently skip the product development process, shortcutting one gigantic step toward your profits.

One Time Offers Uncovered
Learn how to increase your profits on every sale, no matter the product or service you offer. Here is what you will learn about: * How to create an interesting OTO that heightens the customer’s buying experience or use of the current product sale. * Tools for creating exciting, relevant and unexpected OTO’s that will delight your customer and increase the value of their purchase significantly. * What the best OTO is and how to incorporate it when selling anything, anytime, anywhere.

Opt-In List Building
Discover how to build a large opt-in subscriber list & send your sales & profits skyrocketing. This ebook will shave months and even years off your struggle to become a successful online marketer!

The Niche Marketers Road Map To Success
Are you ready to discover a simple way to generate profits online in little know niche markets? Would you like to cash in on markets that no one else cares about? Maybe you just want to stay "under the radar" and quietly bank a small fortune.

Doing Business With Paypal
Discover how Paypal will help you: * Protect Yourself From PayPal Fraud! * Safeguard Your Account From Being Shutdown! * Understand PayPal's Unique Security Procedures! * Defend Yourself Against A Threatening Attack! * Use PayPal To Your Advantage! * Find An Alternative If You've Just Had Enough!

The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads
Discover how to easily generate income with e-mail marketing. Open up your own pipeline to profits and generate all the leads, traffic and coveted high converting customers your website can handle.

Customer List Fortunes
If you haven’t been turning any of the Resell Rights Products in your hard drive into cash, here’s how you can exercise creative use in building your very own paid customers list, even if you don’t have a list to begin with.

7 Ways To Hidden Affiliate
Discover the correct approach to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is something that needs to be learnt. It's a skill like riding a bike, painting a house or designing graphics. It's not something you can learn on your own easily.

The Google LSI Handbook
Discover how to unravel the mysteries of Google’s search engine rankings and stay on step ahead of the rest in the keywords war.

The Online Marketers Cheat Sheet
Transform your online business fortunes overnight with fifty no cost hassle free shortcuts, to online business success. Some people call them cheap, some people call them cheats, but to be honest, when you save over $40,000 & seven years of experimenting we don't really mind what they're called.

Making Sense Of Google Adsense
Take a look at what you will learn inside this Ebook: * How to get the right AdSense ads for your page content * The differences between the three AdSense options * Understanding the Google AdSense program * How to get great content that will not only attract prospects but will get them to click on your ads

Instant Niche Expert
Crank out articles and E-mails that sell products like crazy and generate loads of traffic. Plus learn the secrets of publishing master and how to avoid costly mistakes, get past spam filters, use personalization more profitably and increase response.

Graphics Design For Beginners
The following are some of the things you will learn about: * What is a graphic designer? There are so many different types of graphic designers, that it's usually a good idea to know what you will specialize in. On top of that, most graphic designers will need to be trained in...psychology?!? You'll learn why.

Ebook Creation Toolkit 5.0
With eBook Creation Toolkit, you get a complete package of all the 'Write Tools for the Right Job.' In short, eBook Creation Toolkit offers a Plain and Simple Affordable All-in-One Solution. With the eBook Creation Toolkit package you will receive information on how to write, design and sell your first eBook.

The Web Marketers Traffic Course Your Guide To Traffic Generation
In The Web Marketers Traffic Course: Your Guide To Traffic Generation, Discover... 7 free basic traffic generation techniques that you can use to get started right away

The Insider's Guide To Website Protection
This report reveals the little known secrets you absolutely need to know about to keep your Website running safe and hassle free. These specific, step-by-step tips can be implemented in just minutes. You don’t just read this guide and say, “I’ll do that one of these days.” These tips, tricks, and tactics can be put to work quickly and easily.

The Guru's Apprentice
Here's what you'll learn from the author of this ebook: How he Got to Page #1 in Google How he Got Loads of Free One-Way Links How he Sold to his List with Free eBooks How to Make Money Giving Away Free eBooks How he Went Straight into ClickBank on Page #7 How to Overcom the Landing Page Problem How he Got Google to Index ALL his Pages How to Get Your Customers eMail Addresses How to Protect Your Downloads

The GiveAway Code Contributor
In This Manual, Discover: How Giveaways really, really work in helping you build your mailing list in the shortest time possible! What you need to have and know before taking a dip into the Giveaway fiestas, How to maximize your cash points from every list-building Giveaway that you join!

Resell Rights Renegade
1. The "Growing Demand" Strategy 2. The "Tedious Labor" Strategy 3. The "Grab Your Share" Strategy 4. The "Copywriter" Strategy 5. The "Those Look Good" Strategy 6. The "Ghost" Strategy 7. The "Ready To Roll" Strategy 8. The "Times It By 12" Strategy 9. The "Loaded Up" Strategy 10. The "Brand It" Strategy 11. The "Package It Up" Strategy 12. The "Free To Profit" Strategy 13. The "Instant Business" Strategy 14. The "Junk Yard" Strategy 15. The "Keep It All" Strategy 16. The "Only A Few" Strategy 17. The "Don't Charge Them" Strategy 18. The "Opt-In Incentive" Strategy 19. The "Content Included" Strategy 20. The "Hard Copy" Strategy

PLR Voodoo
Here's just a few things you'll discover inside PLR Voodoo -The Big Profit PLR "Broker" Strategy Exposed. -The Fast Way To "Niche-ify" PLR Products For Maximum Sales, Better Conversions & Higher Profits -The PLR "Power Player" Tactics That Can Turn Those Bland And Generic PLR Products Into RED-HOT Best Sellers. -The Real Reason Why PLR Content (Used Right) Can Be Even An Average Writer's "Secret Weapon" -PLR Flipped - Discover The Real Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating Your Own PLR Content

Pay Per Play Profits
Discover the new form of online advertising where you get paid for 100% of your traffic. It's called Pay Per Play and this book walks you through the concept, where to open a free account and how to make powerful profits with Pay Per Play.

List Blueprint
-Before You Even Begin, The main mistakes almost everyone makes before they start building a list. -The exact steps you have to follow to find out if it will be worth your while getting people onto a list. -Traffic, Traffic, Traffic F*R*E*E traffic generation techniques. -Top 5 strategies for driving massive amounts of traffic to your squeeze pages without spending a dime doing so -How to convert your traffic into subscribers -What To Do With Your Subscribers

Lazy Man's Guide to Writing Articles
-How To Write Articles So Quickly And Easily You Could Churn Out 50 To 100 In A Day -How To Write Articles To Profit From Adsense -How To Write Articles To Profit From Affiliate Programs Instantly -Other Ways To Profit From Articles

Jump into the Internet Marketing Fast Lane
1.0 The Internet Marketing Scene Today 7 1.1 The Not-So-Nice Picture of Internet Marketing 8 1.2 To Succeed in Internet Marketing You Must Move Out of Your Comfort Zone 9 2.0 Developing the Winners Mindset 11 2.1 Rule #1: Invest in Yourself 12 2.2 The Principal of Abundance Thinking 13 2.3 Think Cooperation, Not Competition 14 2.4 Stop Blaming the Gurus! 16

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